In this dynamic, instructional DVD set, European Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski makes it clear anyone can achieve jaw-dropping flexibility, explosive speed and complete physical control simply by following his easy-to-learn routines.

Beginning with fundamentals, Wasniewski takes you through the proven, evolutionary process he developed based on his decades of experience, and opens the door to excellence for you.

LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ is a complete system of street-practical self-defense, giving you concrete, easy-to-apply skills, and the know-how to compete against experienced fighters.

This is the culmination of Wasniewski's lifetime of experience in the martial arts.

You don’t need any prior training to achieve your goals- whether your ambition is to be a world-class fighter, or if you simply want to get in better shape, develop your flexibility and learn an effective method of self-defense, Wasniewski will show you the way step-by-step, with precision and care.

If you’ve ever wished for more confidence in your ability to defend yourself under pressure, you owe it to yourself to watch LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ and see how easy it can be to achieve martial arts mastery.

If you’ve ever watched an action movie and dreamed of being able to block attacks and deliver hand strikes with blinding speed, perform rapid, multi-kick combinations, or launch yourself into the air and perform flying kicks, this is your chance to make those dreams come true.


The LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ training system Ty-Ga Karate was founded in 1975 by its Grandmaster, Soke Gary Wasniewski.

Soke Gary has been featured on US. National Television and European National Television 2004.

He is recognized worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which earned him the 2003 Combat of Fame Award

Soke Gary first started his interest in karate in 1966, with a book sent from the USA. He then began training officially in 1970 and, since that time, he has continued to train every day.

He created the ideas for LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ after many years of training in martial arts, for which he holds several high-ranking black belts recognized throughout the martial arts world. He became very disillusioned with what he had seen and decided the world needed something new, and that was LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™. Since its creation, LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ has gone from strength to strength and now has clubs worldwide with thousands of members.

It is a system that uses your whole body, close in and at range. It develops the mind to overcome fear and has the ability to back it up. A general LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ session is an excellent workout and, because you are active all the time, it makes LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ a fast learning system too. There is never a shortage of help from the Instructors, who are well aware of the benefits LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ has to offer, even to the initially most uncoordinated.

LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ values itself on its track record and is now internationally registered as its own martial art, which is a important consideration when researching a style to join. True international recognition is very rare in the world of martial arts.

To train in LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ can only improve your way of life, physically, mentally and spiritually. The Chief Instructor believes that you are only as good as your last session and, in a real situation, that's exactly the attitude you need behind you.

LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ is also renowned for its great competitors, with the Chief Instructor himself being a World All Styles Champion.

Grandmaster Wasniewski Demonstrating Technique and Control


The Grandmaster of Ty-Ga Karate Gary Wasniewski with Masters Nick and Chris Mechling

The Grandmaster Teaching and Demonstrating the Power of LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™
Profile on Gary Wasniewski

Grandmaster and founder of TY-GA Karate, Gary Wasniewski is based in London, England, and has more than thirty schools teaching his method in the United Kingdom and scores of other school throughout the world. Wasniewski has been recognised worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which have earned him fame and respect all over the world.

For over 30 years he has been pushing the boundaries of martial arts. He regularly travels internationally; this year alone, he is holding seminars in America, Canada, Spain, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Japan. A former ‘World All Styles Martial Arts Champion,’

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski is well-respected for his fighting skills particularly his astonishing kicking skills - which have been well recognized as among the world finest. He is also an ambassador for the martial arts world, serving as Great Britain’s international representative for the WHFSC Grandmasters’ Council and for the EUSAIMAA. Honored with awards from numerous local, national and international organizations, he is generally considered an excellent model for ethical, practical martial artists around the world. Grandmaster Wasniewski continues to train every day without fail!

Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan

Age: 52

40 Years Training in the Martial Arts

World Sokeship Council Member/GB. Ambassador
World Grandmaster Coucil Member
Founder TY-GA Martial Arts International
European Chairman Police Martial Arts Association
World Karate Union Board Member
Action Martial Arts Board Member
Universal Taekwondo Federation Board Member
Confederation Police/Security Experts Board Member
London International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Chairman
Martial Arts Degree BCUC. University Course Director
Police Tactics Instructors Federation USA Director

  • International Martial Arts Federation, IMAF Medal of Excellence Award, Germany.
  • Universal Taekwondo Federation 9th Dan Certificate, USA.
  • WHFSC World Grandmaster Council 10th Dan Certificate, Florida, USA.
  • Kobayashi Shorin Ryu 10th Dan Certificate, London,UK
  • International Martial Arts College USA, Goodwill and Peace Award, London, UK.
  • WHFSC Grandmaster Council, Founder Award, Florida, USA
  • Humanitarian Martial Artist of the Year Award, WV. USA
  • Distinguished Leader in Martial Arts Award, Atlantic City, USA.
  • German Karate Special Award, London,England
  • International Hall of Fame, Outstanding Personality in Martial Arts Award, Valencia, Spain.
  • ISMA Technical Board Member England, Valencia Spain.
  • International Confederation Police and Security Officers, Board Member, Valencia, Spain.
  • UMAHOF, Legendary Founder Award, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • WHFSC. International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC. Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA.
  • Police Tactics Instructors Of America, England Representative Award, Florida, USA
  • World Karate Union, Distinguished Board Member Award, USA
  • Budo International Hall of Fame, Grandmaster of the Year Award, New York City, USA
  • Polish Budo Federation, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • European Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • World Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Shuyokan Federation Seminar Award, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Combat Karate Award, San Deigo, USA.
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Spirit Award - Ambassador for Martial Arts, Atlantic City, USA.
  • United Kingdom Martial Arts Renmei, Grandmaster of the Year Award, England.
  • Haidong Gumdo Federation, Honorary Vice-Chairman Europe.
  • WHFSC- International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Orlando, USA.
  • USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame - International Award of Excellence, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Innovator Award, USA.
  • UMAHOF Board Member, USA.
  • World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Distinguished Founder Award, USA.
  • World Karate Union, Board Member, USA.
  • World Martial Arts Organizations Alliance, Grandmaster of Year Award, Toronto, Canada.
  • Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Founder Award, New York, USA.
  • IMAF-Germany, Seminar Awards, Emden, Germany.
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Outstanding Contribution Award 2004, Atlantic City,USA.
  • Zen Kenpo Council Professorship Award, Manchester, England.
  • Zen Kenpo Council Sokeship Award, Manchester,England.
  • Zen Kenpo Council 10th Dan Certificate, Manchester,England.
  • International Hall of Fame, Founders Award 2003, Valencia, Spain 2003,
  • Diamond Crystal Award of Spirit, US Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Combat Hall of Fame Award 2003, England.
  • Aiki Tora Ryu Aikido, 10th Dan Soko Budo Certificate/Award.
  • WHFSC Continued Excellence Award 2003,Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC Seminar Leader Award 2003, Florida,USA.
  • WHFSC Great Britain Representative 2003
  • IMAF.Germany/Europe - Certificate International Honorary Adviser All Styles Karate
  • Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Grandmaster of the Year, New York, USA
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame - International Grandmaster of the Year, Houston,USA
  • International Fujikan Federation Honorary 10th Dan Certificate, USA
  • WKA/World Kickboxing Association Certificate 9th Dan
  • European Taekwondo Union Honorary 10th Dan certificate.
  • Certificate of Honour- Martial Arts Association-International, Board Member, Germany.
  • Mayor's Proclamation Certificate Cleveland, Ohio, USA -Gary Wasniewski Day -13th October 2002.
  • International Circle of Masters Hall of Fame Award- Sportsman of the Year, Canada.
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council - Distinguished Grandmaster of the Year Award Sept, Florida,USA.
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council - Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA
  • Panther Taekowndo Black Belt Academy/WTF Award Certificate, London.
  • TAISHINDOH Karate Association 10th Dan Certificate - Novemeber, Pittsburgh,USA.
  • W.H.F.S.C. International Grandmaster Award
  • W.H.F.S.C. Grandmaster Council Member
  • U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • Grandmaster of the year Award
  • Combat Hall of Fame Award


  • 10th Dan Status Awarded Approved by National and World Governing Bodies


  • Combat Hall of Fame Award
  • Combat 25th Anniversary
  • Police Martial Arts Association Special Merit Award
  • Karate Course For Polish Karate Federation Warsaw 1992-1997
  • Karate Course For Soviet Karate Federation, Moscow 1991-1994
  • Karate Course for Spanish Karate Federation, Madrid 1989, 1990-1997
  • Karate Course for Czech Karate Federation, Prague 1989, 1990-1997
  • Karate Course in Tokyo Japan, 1990-1992
  • London Youth Karate Manager, 1984 - 2001
  • Bohemia Cup Prague, Czech 1989, 1990
  • British Championships Referee, 1988
  • English Championships Team Winner, 1985
  • World All Styles Open Champion, 1984
  • German Open Champion, 1984
  • B.A.S.K.A. Ind. Champion (Midland Area)1983
  • T.K.A. Champion, 1983
  • A.K.A. National Team Champion, 1982
  • LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ National Champion, 1980

Registered With:

  • World Head Family Sokeship Council
  • World Grandmaster Council
  • World Karate Union
  • Police Martial Arts Association
  • Professional Karate Association
  • World Karate Federation
  • Karate England
  • Sport England
  • Universal Taekwondo Federation
  • Kempo Jujitsu International
  • Confederation of Police/Security Experts
  • International Martial Arts Federation
  • Action Martial Arts Federation
Welcome from the Grandmaster

"Welcome to the LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ website.

To all TY-GA Karate students worldwide I hope you train regularly and enjoy being members of a truly unique and worldwide system.

If you are a visitor to our site, I welcome you and hope you too enjoy the LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ website. Good luck to you in whatever martial art you practice."

Remember LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ welcomes all martial artists worldwide.

Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan
Founder, Ty-Ga Karate International

Thoughts from Grandmaster Wasniewski on Kicking

To have great kicks, Wasniewski says, you must develop balance, flexibility, speed, conditioning and timing. Here are a few useful tips:


The simplest way to develop your balance is to practice standing on one leg. Keep the planted leg slightly bent, and lift the raised knee up to at least waist level.

You can also build balance by throwing multiple kicks without putting your leg down or holding a kick out at its extension point as long as possible. These exercises will also build your leg and hip strength.


Among other things, you should work on being able to do the splits forward and sideways. This will help you with all your kicks.

Learn a comprehensive stretching routine, and practice it regularly. Take time to ease into stretches, and only go so far as you feel comfortable. Do not try to achieve your flexibility goals all at once.


A good exercise routine will help increase your leg speed. Practicing your kicks will also help. The more you practice a kick, the more natural it will be for your body to perform the kick quickly.

In the beginning, kicks should be practiced slowly so that proper kicking technique can be observed and perfected. As you become more comfortable with the technique, however, you may start to work on kicking faster. Time yourself, and see how many kicks you can throw in a given period of time.

Remember that the speed and precision of your footwork is also important. Practice footwork in conjunction with kicking, so that your maneuvers will be combat-ready.


Although practicing kicks in the air is good, it’s also good to practice hitting bags. Working on more than one kind of bag (there are many kinds, including heavy, light, soft, hard, hanging and standing) is even better, because variety keeps the training interesting, and makes it easier to train for longer periods.

Hitting the bags will help you increase your power, test your balance, and in some cases (depending on what kind of bag you train with and how creatively you use the bag), it will also improve your timing.


The best way to build timing is to work with a partner. In a fight everything you do must be coordinated in relation to the movement of your opponent(s). Practice prearranged offensive and defensive sequences until you feel comfortable enough with your techniques and with each other to begin freestyle training.

Remember, a good training partner is more valuable than a dozen punching bags, so be careful not to injure the people you work with. Also, free sparring with a skilled opponent may be the true test of your timing, but until a person has built up sufficient skill and confidence, it is probably best that he or she sticks with prearranged sequences.

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What is LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ DVD Training System?

LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ is the only instructional series to give all the details you need to have extraordinary kicking skill like the Grandmaster Wasniewski. Few teachers can help others the acheive their own skill level but in this series you will get all the background knowledge and training techniques to elevate you skills and technique.

The LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ system comes from the TY-GA Karate Style that was founded in 1975 by Wasniewski 10th Dan.

LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ will give you the most effective techniques of kicking, punching, blocking, evasion, sweeping, timing, sparring, full contact fighting, self defense, as well as stretching, warm up, cool down, advanced techniques, combinations, defense and theory.

The series is composed of six one hour volumes on three DVDs. The technical approach to kicking and footwork will amaze you and revolutionize even the most advanced martial artists understanding of fundamental movement (what is possible). Few instructors in the world have done as much in the fighting arts as Grandmaster Wasniewski, let his understanding and experience shape your skills into formidable weapons.

If you think -- I could never move or kick like Wasniewski he is just gifted -- you are wrong -- the Grandmaster has special techniques to help you! Take a chance to really improve your kicking and learn from someone who has done it for real. Gary is in his fifties -- it is his daily practice of extraordinary techniques for stretching and striking that give him his remarkable abilities...

Each technique was filmed from several angles simultaneously which gives us a better composition and feel. The DVDs were created in a period of over a period of more than a year with several major additions and revisions throughout the process. The resulting DVDs that you can buy now are the culmination of Wasniewski's lifetime of experience and gives you system to truly effectively train by.

Common Questions

This is a comprehensive website that should help you to understand more about Gary Wasniewski, LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ and the benefits this unique Karate series offers to practitioners. If you don't see your question or would like to recommend one please contact us.

How do I get promoted from White through Black Belt?

Practitioners who would like ranking in Ty-Ga Karate must seek recognition directly from the Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski or the Master Mechling. Currently there are no other certifying masters in the USA.

If a student or instructor is interested in affiliation with Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski, Master Mechling and the International Organization they can write to ALL FIGHTING ARTS for more information. Please make sure a resume and that current contact information is included...

Do I need a partner for practice?

With regard to the DVD series - without a training partner many Karate techniques cannot be physically trained in the normal way but the instruction is so detailed and concise that many benefit and improve their ability by following along in the air. Studying Karate is a lifelong practice so even if you don't have a partner to train with now don't be discouraged. The instruction is detailed enough that beginners can follow with it together.

How long will it take for my DVDs to arrive?

The guaranteed time is 4-6 weeks. Generally, however, orders ship in the first 1-2 weeks.

How can I reach a live person?

Call us if you have a question at (888) MARTIAL

How effective is learning from DVDs compared to a school?

These are the only videos for learning LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™. They have the best teachers in our organization featured along with the developer. We have seen excellent results comparable with training in some schools. The results will depend on individual effort, motivation and time devoted to training.

I was wondering how I would go about exchanging a bad DVD?

If one or more of your DVD's or tapes are not functional please send it back with your order number and contact information. See the contacts section for more information about shipping.

Do I need some special equipment to practice LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™?

No you do not need special equipment. A gi is useful and can be purchased through our store -

How long is each volume of your LIGHTNING EURO KARATE™ series?

Each of the six volumes are roughly one hour each.

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